Birth Doula

a silhouette of a pregnant woman in front of a window

I take a wholistic approach to care. I believe that mind, body and spirit work as one and the care of each is entirely important when caring for the MamaBaby unit.

• One complimentary FaceTime/Zoom consult

• 3-6 in-home prenatal visits prior to birth

• Assistance with writing a birth plan

• Unlimited phone & text support for all of your pregnancy needs (emotional, mental & educational support)

• Attentive, in-person support during labor & birth

• Access to use essential oils & a diffuser if requested

• Photos and videos

• One postpartum visit

• Access to a lending library of birth books

• complimentary e-book written by me on helpful herbs, nutrition counseling and journal prompts.

• Previous birth trauma processing and fear releasing ritual (if applicable)

• Access to a peanut ball, CUB seat and birthing ball

Doula Package:

Located in Ocean County, NJ. Serving families in a 1.5 hr radius in NJ & PA.

Add Ons:

• Virtual prenatal visit

• Additional in person prenatal visit

• Additional in person postpartum visit

• Cord keepsake

• Herbal Remedies

• Healing crystals

• Ayurvedic Belly Binding/Warm Womb Massage

• Bereavement Support

• Placenta Print Art

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What I do NOT provide:

• I do not consider myself a medical professional

• I do not carry any emergency equipment

• I do not attempt anything medical

• I do not offer medical advice or medications

• I do not share pictures/videos of your birth without your consent.

• I do not expect you to birth one way, birth can be empowering no matter how or where!