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"Hey! I'm Amanda. Mother to 3 boys. Birth doula, herbalist and student midwife. I've had one induced hospital birth with an undesirable outcome and a twin home birth which was filled with the blissful cocktail of love hormones and various sacred transitions. I really started to question the system I walked into after my first birth. I wanted to learn what our rights are as birthing mothers and I quickly realized that hospital policy doesn't trump our rights. Families deserve to feel loved and to have full informed consent when making a decision regarding their pregnancy or birth. My wish is for Mothers to surrender to the power of birth and lean into their innate, heightened intuition during the sacred window of pregnancy and birth. Anytime a Mama is curating a life, it is deeply profound work. It is to be met with reverence and you should feel truly cared for. I'm a strong advocate for physiological birth, bodily autonomy and nourishing the MamaBaby's mind, body and spirit. My ultimate hope is to provide you comfort, help you feel empowered, build trust & pay reverence to this sacred time."

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